The Clutter Catcher

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“You have eyes,” I have pleaded, “Simply open them, gaze down, and you can see!” “You have hands,” I have implored, “Open them, reach down, and embrace that which does not belong. Return the bits to their home! They long to go home to their friends!” Alas, it was all in vain. My desperate efforts were to no avail. No amount of beseeching or cajoling instilled in any of my children an ability to walk into a space, identify mess, and relocate misplaced clutter. Clean up a spill – they’re on it. Put away an activity they have completed – you got this. The house […]

Life on the Street

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Street crossing seems to be the daily event most associated with parents throwing their parenting philosophies and ideals out the window. It’s a time when parents tend to abandon respectful parenting based on gentle guidance and learning in favor of physical boundaries imposed against a chid’s will. After all, “What good is a trusting relationship if my child is dead!?” The problem is, strategies based on authority imposed restraint don’t teach your child how to make safe choices. They make you the enemy and leave your child feeling powerless with a strong drive to reclaim that autonomy through rebellion (translation: running […]