Micro-Adventures: A Life of Adventure Is Within Your Reach

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What is a Micro-Adventure To adventure means to “engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.” Let’s break that down in the context of our unschooling lifestyle. “engage in hazardous”: We are actively reaching beyond our comfort zones. “and exciting activity”: We are following our passions, interests, and curiosities with hands-on fun. “especially the exploration of unknown territory”: We are boldly soaring into new experiences to learn more. We live a lifestyle of adventure but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are a full time traveling family living abroad or millionaire frequent flyers (though if anyone would like […]

Free Range Parenting on a Farm, an Island, and a Fjord

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When last we spoke I was grasping the profound lack of control we as parents have over the outcome in terms of keeping our children safe (The ninja warrior busted open his face getting socks, remember?). These last couple weeks we have been able to expand our comfort zone in the range our children get to enjoy in nature. Farm It begins with a Harvest Moon Festival on the biodynamic Jubilee Farm. It is by far the most Stars Hollow event I have ever been a part of and I loved every minute of it. I told the boys about the Harvest […]

Change is on the Horizon

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There wasn’t any singular moment when I decided to give the traditional American dream the middle finger. I think it was more of a gradual evolution. I suppose that evolution was sparked when I was reborn as a mother. Natural birth, full term breastfeeding in public, babywearing, co-sleeping, and gentle parenting were gateway drugs. Once you take the red pill, you gain a new, outside perspective that you can’t unknow and unsee. When you shift your mind to making well-researched, conscious life choices contrary to the herd of sheeple, there’s no going back. This led to entrepreneurship. Once I had stepped off the well […]

Creature Discovery

6 Ways to Unbusy your Family Vacation

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I’m allergic to busy. Busy is the antithesis to presence. If your goal is to have enjoyable learning and adventurous experience for your family, then busy is the poison that will ruin it all. The pressure and control that busy brings prevents the peace that is required to foster joy. Busy equals stress and children and families do not thrive under stress. So how do you have a rad unschool family adventure brimming with opportunity for engagement without the busy? List: Together as a family, make a list of all the places and activities that spark interest. For our recent […]

Puget Sound

Unschool Family Adventure: Seattle

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After flying into Portland and adventuring for 3 days, we drove up to Seattle. On the way, we stopped at a park to play with dear friends. There is something so indescribably special about having friends all over the world. Your world of emotional connection expands with every meaningful friendship. Home for the next 3 days. Airbnb is a game changer of amazingness (especially for the budget conscious). Fatherhood on Father’s Day in downtown Seattle for the Underground Tour. This was my favorite touristy thing we did. We all learned so much! “History class was boring because they weren’t teaching […]

Unschool Family Adventure: Portland

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Packing is always the hardest part for me. It’s really the only anxiety I feel around adventuring as a big family. For me, it’s a challenge of releasing some perfectionism. Once it’s complete, it’s all excitement. It all began with an airplane. We got a fantastic rate by shopping through the “flexible dates” calendar (visible only on desktop) with Southwest. Love me some Tula Toddler for a busy airport. Then this happened. At the end of the flight we were patient and approached the pilot standing outside the open cockpit and asked him a couple questions about the training involved […]