Bucket System

Chores done. Learning practiced. Challenges supported.

Soft structure for raising responsible free spirits

The Bucket System

Chore charts with their top-down power structure, extrinsic motivation, and rewards and punishments don't sit well (and don't work!).

A mandated list of curriculum assignments doesn't feel in line with natural learning (and wastes time and energy on material that is quickly forgotten).

But how do you extend your natural, connection-based style of parenting into the menial tasks and touchstones of your day and the learning environment you want to support?

More than that, how do you foster independence and investment in the flow of the day for the long haul?

Carrots, sticks, stickers, and tricks don't feel good but neither does following your kid around nagging them to do things they need to get done.

You want to trust in their freedom fully but you also want them to be healthy and nurtured in all the right ways for them.

Enter The Bucket System.

*The Bucket System is how we run our days. It's our chores, our unschooling homeschool curriculum, and the soft structure we use to raise independent and responsible free spirits. We're wild and free, yet growing and moving through our day in our home as a team without the nagging. Join me for The Bucket System Masterclass and learn the magic of the buckets.

We'll Cover

1. Collaborate

Collaborate with your child on intentions (a respectful meeting of minds and needs).

2. Create

Create a personalized bucket together (bringing the abstract into the physical, sensory world).

3. Observe

Watch as your child leads the way through their day, growing in all the best ways.

The benefits

In one week, through a sensory approach that incorporates chores and homeschooling, you will:

get all on the same page

witness responsibilities being completed independently

flow through your daily rhythm with ease

channel passions into productive practice

support your child's challenges and strengths

enhance your connection with your child

be on a long-term path of success

gain confidence as a mother 

In other words, start now and you’ll be asking for a name tag that says, "winning." 


Get Started Now


You'll get

Join us for The Bucket System Masterclass, which includes:

* Webinar: participate in the seasonal live streamed and interactive webinar or watch the recorded version anytime

* eBook: 20 pretty pages of instructional awesomeness

* Tribe: admission into the exclusive Sage Parenting Facebook Tribe for long term community support

Proof that the Bucket System works

"Last clothespin on the bucket is 'creative' and let's say there's no sighing or anger. Piano has been played, shoes and coats tidied, and clothes laid out for tomorrow. And I didn't say a thing, nag, yell or feel internally frustrated. Holy lightbulb of making life full of getting shit done and still smiling. This dog I mean mom, can learn new tricks!"

Melissa Lang Lytle

"That's a 5 year old scrubbing a toilet! She was the first done with her bucket today. Things are going mostly smoothly! 8 year old is um, adjusting. 10 year old is soaring through and doing more homeschool work than he's touched in months!!! Like is this bubble going to bust? My 8 year definitely tested the limits. I stood firm. He isn't done yet, but happily journaling for an hour now. My house had not been this peaceful and productive in ages. I could cry. Best money I ever spent! They read together, they practiced Aikido together, their rooms are tidy, the bathrooms are clean... My 10 year old whipped though math in a quarter of a time he normally spent crying about doing it... And my partner who was skeptical about the whole thing has been doing house love all day!"
Katie Webb

"I had the honor to host Rachel Rainbolt for a class (Bucket System) at my home yesterday! Who knew so much stuff would come up while learning a soft structured system to keep our family organized? I love learning on this journey with Rachel~ I'm learning how to be a better me, a better more connected parent, and honor our family's unique needs while learning what others do. My kids are geeked to get started and I'm hoping to have our family meeting tonight or tomorrow night."
Melissa Lang Lytle

"Eva watched the whole class with me and is super excited. She collected buckets from around the house, made a list, and counted up all the clothespins from the laundry room! Unschooling FTW!"
Lucia Silva & Eva & Levon

"The bucket class was awesome. Thank you so much! Started the conversation about them at our family meeting this morning and my kid seems excited! I am, too."
Amy Bosch

"Love, love, love! Seriously revolutionizing our household  If you've got little ones, I highly recommend checking this out."
Courtney Scott

"We have been LOVING it over here. It really has been the best thing we have tried so far and the kids have taken to it wonderfully. Stoked."
Kristin Watanuki

"We did the sticker charts when we were potty training. It didn't work and it just created this whole other situation to try and control. Our son is on a more intrinsic learning path these days and the bucket system has reinforced and helped with that."
Mandy Goss

"I want to share about a recent workshop I took and how successful it has been for our family. Helping to teach chores, responsibilities and most importantly giving my children the intrinsic desire and autonomy to do it within their own time throughout the day is what intrigued me enough to actually give it a try. This system doesn't give starts or treats or money or other bribes. We want to instill a framework of being a team and this does just that. I was a bit skeptical but low and behold it is working for us. We are still adjusting and modifying here and there each week to find what specifically works for each family member but loving it. The Bucket System is taught by Rachel Rainbolt of Sage Parenting who has an overall philosophy that really resonate with me. Check it out. It really is good. It keeps us on track through the day. Very happy. Also makes the kids feel proud of themselves for doing their part. Here's my son mopping the floor. Of course he needed help with this but the point is he wanted to do this. He chose to do this chore. Seriously the best thing is that I'm not nagging. At all. Which is a huge step. I really just want to get to a place where we are on auto pilot by the time they are junior high age or earlier really. Especially since we are homeschooling for now it is really necessary to be on the same page for daily and weekly responsibilities. Not just chores."
Kristin Watanuki

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