The Unschool Family Adventure Challenge

Did you look out the classroom window as a child (feeling bored and disconnected from the world), hear adventure beckoning, and have to stifle it?

Now you see your child looking out the window, and you want to see them soar. You want to soar together. We can help you grow your wings.


Have you noticed that your child comes alive when they make a discovery on an adventure in the real world (while they just get through it when forced to rifle through a textbook)?

This is the heart of experiential learning. Learning through experience is meaningful and lasting. You expand your sense of self and your connection with the world while you learn about it firsthand.

Get Free

Instead of just reading about a redwood, climb on one.
Instead of just studying the ocean, swim in it.

Take the leap and expand your classroom from your four walls to the world.

And you don’t have to sell your house and move to Bali to make this shift. All you have to do is join The Unschool Family Adventure Challenge. Prerequisites are curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

Webinar: Unschooling: How to Take the Leap

Your Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is . . . to spend 30 days enjoying fun family adventures we provide that will inspire more learning than an entire stack of expensive curriculum.

(Map: Coming Soon)

  1. Choose:  Select an adventure and we will send you the guide.
  2. Go: Get out there, let your child lead, get your hands dirty, and grow.
  3. Share: Take a photo on your adventure and post it to the closed FB group to unlock another challenge.

Your Guides

Each adventure comes with a guide that includes:

  • A themed idea and/or proposition to get your family diving in together to prep for adventure!
  • A list of suggested activities or places to seek out in your local community.
  • Conversation starters to keep the interaction exciting and ongoing.
  • Resources for you to learn more about the theme as your family shows interest.
  • “Unlocking secrets” that your family must do and share in our secret group to be able to unlock the next adventure challenge in the series!

Your Pack

When you join the Unschool Family Adventure Challenge for only $299 you get:

  • 30 Days Challenge (beginning July 1, 2016)
  • Complete set of Guides (no matter how quickly or slowly you move through the adventures during the Challenge month)
  • Membership in the exclusive FB Group
  • 1 Private 30 minute Coaching Session with Leah McDermott
  • 1 Private 30 minute Coaching Session with Rachel Rainbolt

Your Guides

Rachel Rainbolt is an unschooling mama to 3 wild and free boys in a family with an insatiable appetite for all the world holds for them to discover, with nearly two decades of experience working with young children and parents, has a master’s degree in family therapy, is a featured parenting expert and media advocate on television and radio, published author of parenting books, articles, and curricula, and a certified parent educator and coach with her company Sage Parenting.

Leah McDermott is an unschooling mama of 2 adventurous and thrill-seeking boys, enjoying an urban wild life in the Pacific Northwest. She has two Master’s of Education, has coached and worked with hundreds of families and schools around the world to bring children to nature as the basis for all knowledge and learning, and has spent nearly 15 years working in the field. She is a published author, speaker, and natural learning advocate on many platforms including The Huffington Post, Natural Preschool Conference, and her own company Your Natural Learner.

Ambassador Program

Searching for Challenge Ambassadors!

We are looking for 10 Challenge Ambassadors for The Unschooling Family Adventure Challenge.

We are looking for families who would like to participate in the Challenge and share periodic photos and/or written stories about their journey throughout the program. These can be shared through your own social media or website (if you have one) or sent to me to use with permission on my site and social media.

In exchange for your commitment to being a Challenge Ambassador, we are offering a steep discount to get into the program ($150 off!).

To be considered, email Leah at

We are only offering 10 spots for this, and they are first come, first served. We will not be offering this again once these spots are filled.

Referral Program

Refer 2 friends to the Challenge and unlock 2 bonus adventure guides!

Payment Plans

Payment plans available on case by case basis. Email Leah at for details.