Troubled Tummies Workshop

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Baby massage for Baby’s belly

With our Troubled Tummies hour long class in San Diego, learn all the strokes you need to ease the troubled tummy of your baby. Harness the power of your healing and loving touch to increase the flow and efficiency of the digestive system while working through gas and colic.

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A class review from Wendy, Sage Mama to Zara:

“The tummy moves were so useful for the middle of the night gassiness.  Now there’s actually something I can do to help when my daughter is crying.”

A class review from Sarah, Sage Mama to Violet:

“Troubled tummies has changed our life!!!  We do it every day and baby Violet really looks forward to it.  She gets a big smile when she sees be bring out the oil bottle.”

A class review from Stacy and Tim, Sage Parents to Reagan:

“When my daughter got constipated after the classes ended I knew how to make her feel better.”

A class review from Joanna, Sage Mama to Averi:

“From the techniques we learned on our first day, our little one went to the bathroom twice on the same day – when she was normally only going to the bathroom every 3 to 4 days. Getting her digestive issues back on track eased her discomfort with going to the bathroom. The stomach massages alone were a life saver when one day my little one was unable to go to the bathroom because a change in milk. As she cried and screamed I started to massage her belly and she stopped crying after only a few minutes of her massage, and half an hour later was able to go to the restroom again.”

A class review from Claire, Sage Mama to Lydia:

“This morning Lydia (who is 15 months old now) was pretty uncomfortable and having a difficult time with her “morning movement.” We laid down on the rug and I used your baby massage techniques for tummy and bowels, and I had a much happier baby in about ten minutes. Thank you, again, for helping me have a happy and comfortable baby!
I am just so grateful for that class … really helped Lydia and I bond, and it really helps her be healthy and comfortable!”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3”][vc_column_text]




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Pick up some oil now so you are ready with everything you need to integrate massage into your routine with your baby.

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