Unschool Family Adventure: Portland

Packing is always the hardest part for me. It’s really the only anxiety I feel around adventuring as a big family. For me, it’s a challenge of releasing some perfectionism. Once it’s complete, it’s all excitement.

It all began with an airplane. We got a fantastic rate by shopping through the “flexible dates” calendar (visible only on desktop) with Southwest.

Love me some Tula Toddler for a busy airport.

San Diego Airport

Then this happened. At the end of the flight we were patient and approached the pilot standing outside the open cockpit and asked him a couple questions about the training involved in becoming a pilot. He invited the boys in to take over for him.

Southwest Airlines

Straight from the airport to Lower Macleay Trail, where plants grow on plants grow on plants grow on plants.

Lower Macleay Trail

Perfect for us tree huggers. The palm trees of San Diego are not quite as majestic.

Tree Hugger

Even the walls are growing.

Lower Macleay Trail

We discovered the Stone House (also known as the Witch’s Castle). Old, abandoned structures are so cool. Finding one is like an anthropological expedition. Unfortunately, it was having graffiti removed, which was also an important lesson.

Stone House

Cute, clever, and strong; how did I get so lucky?

Lower Macleay Trail

The boys made a creature discovery! We looked it up to learn that it was a Banana Slug and that hole leads to its one lung.

Banana Slug

Layer upon layer upon layer of life. We can’t even see the ground.

Lower Macleay Trail

Then downtown for some healthy, local food at Laughing Planet and a photo to commemorate this cool guy’s 8th birthday.

Downtown Portland

Which he shares with his Daddy. 33 looks good from the deck at our Inn on Lake Oswego.

Lake Oswego

Feeding Daddy’s passion at Pier Park while playing – always playing, wild and free.

Pier Park

To their heart’s content.

Pier Park

We love museums and the OMSI was a great style of messy learning.


The Aerial Tram provided some great views.

Portland Aerial Tram

From urban, back into nature at Multnomah Falls, where once again, even the walls grow green.

Multnomah Falls

Green. My eyes have never before seen such depths of green.

Multnomah Falls

Gorgeous. And those are my people up there on that bridge.

Multnomah Falls

Not an inch to be found not teeming with life.

Wahkeena Falls

Hiking on to Wahkeena Falls.

Wahkeena Falls

Smooch. Because adventuring is just as good for the couple as for the kids.

Wahkeena Falls

When it comes to puddle jumping, the answer is always yes.


Silly humans, trying to build walls on my land. -Mother Earth

Multnomah Falls

The Columbia River, following in Lewis and Clark’s footsteps (you know, minus the slaves). One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

Columbia River

And on to our dip into the Tiny House Nation. We found this gem through Airbnb and I cannot speak enough to the benefit of this route. Homey is the word we all used to describe this experience, which was eons better than the feeling and practicality of a hotel.

Tiny House

Next . . . on to Seattle.

Inspired to jump into your own Portland Family Adventure?

Portland Adventure

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