Unschool Family Adventure: Seattle

Puget Sound

After flying into Portland and adventuring for 3 days, we drove up to Seattle.

On the way, we stopped at a park to play with dear friends. There is something so indescribably special about having friends all over the world. Your world of emotional connection expands with every meaningful friendship.


Home for the next 3 days. Airbnb is a game changer of amazingness (especially for the budget conscious).

Seattle Airbnb

Fatherhood on Father’s Day in downtown Seattle for the Underground Tour. This was my favorite touristy thing we did. We all learned so much!

Downtown Seattle

“History class was boring because they weren’t teaching you the right history.” – Clay, our Seattle Underground Tour guide Truer words . . .

Seattle Underground Tour

On to the Space Needle and Chihuly Glass. I had to hold my 4 year old for both so bring the Tula ToddlerĀ for those if you have a little 4 or under.

Space Needle and Chihuly Glass

We got together with more dear friends. 6 little boys, nature, and 2 mamas with a girl crush equals a whole lot of awesome.


Even the littles get in on the exploration and friendship action.

Little Friendship

Carkeek Park: Something about evergreens, ocean, and driftwood just screams Pacific Northwest to me. And plaid flannel . . . but that’s not in this shot. Well, and marijuana . . . lots of pot shops. šŸ˜‰ I digress . . .

Carkeek Park

Creature discoveries and experimentation with camouflage.

Creature Discovery

The Pacific Science Center was a big hit. So much to learn and explore. All the aged kids were thoroughly engaged the whole time.

Pacific Science Center

For a concrete example of the way unschooling unfolds, I’ll include a little dialogue here:

Child: “Look at these butterflies! They are drinking. Look at that! What is that part sticking out?”

Me: “That is a proboscis. Butterflies have hollow straw-like tongues that they dip into the flowers to reach the nectar at the center.”

Child: “Proboscis (sticks tongue out). Cool.”

Later that day:

Child: (Tries unsuccessfully to drink his apple through his tongue) “Mommy, I do not have a proboscis.”

Me: “What is structurally different about your tongue?”

Child: “Well, it’s not as long and it’s not like a straw.”

Me: “That’s right, it’s not hollow.”


Child: “I touched a brain. It felt weird.”

Me: “It did? In what way? What else did you notice about it?”


Time to test some physical limits.

Seattle Center Playground

And the sun sets (at like 10:00pm) over Puget Sound.

Puget Sound

Inspired to jump into your own Seattle Family Adventure?

Seattle Adventure

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