Unschooling Adventure Guides

Learn through adventure . . . together

Unschooling Adventure Guides

Did you look out the classroom window as a child (feeling bored and disconnected from the world), hear adventure beckoning, and have to stifle it?

Now you see your child looking out the window, and you want to see them soar. You want to soar together. We can help you grow your wings.

Do you hear it? Adventure is calling.
Answer the call with the Unschooling Family Adventure Guide.

Have you noticed that your child comes alive when they make a discovery on an adventure in the real world (while they just get through it when forced to rifle through a textbook)?

This is the heart of experiential learning. Learning through experience is meaningful and lasting. You expand your sense of self and your connection with the world while you learn about it firsthand.

The Unschooling Family Adventure Guide has the key.

Instead of just reading about a redwood, climb on one.
Instead of just studying the ocean, swim in it.

Take the leap and expand your classroom from your four walls to the world.

And you don't have to sell your house and move to Bali to make this shift. All you have to do is get the Unschooling Adventure Guides. Prerequisites are curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

Are these guides right for your family?

  • Do you have a child or children aged 3-10?
  • Do you enjoy having fun together?
  • Do you value experiential, self-directed learning? 
  • Could you benefit from a boost in connection with nature, your local community, and fellow unschoolers?
  • Are you wanting to shift your lifestyle but lacking the direction and confidence to take the leap?

Each adventure guide includes


A theme at the core of each adventure (that can be adapted for any location or family needs).


Activities to elevate the learning potential of each experience ( from science, art, writing, history, physical, imagination, mindfulness, economics, innovation, and botany, to geography, life skills, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, zoology, and so much more).



Photos to inspire your adventures.



Discussion points to spur inquisitive exploration and connection.



Recommendations to further your growth as a parent.


Direction for learning beyond the end of the adventure.

The benefits

In one season, through a natural approach that incorporates experiential learning, you will:

get out into nature

connect with your community

learn through hands-on experience

trust the value of exploration and play

enhance your connection with your child

be on a long-term path of success

gain confidence as a mother 

In other words, start now and you’ll be Instagramming epic family adventure pics sooner than you can say "wild and free."

Adventure Guides

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Spring Unschooling Adventure Guides
Spring Unschooling Adventure Guides 2
Spring Unschooling Adventure Guides 3

Start Adventuring Now



Water, Museum, Weather, History, Mentor



Woods, Culture, Animal, State, Volunteer


Proof Unschooling Adventure Guides are awesome

"Our family's most rewarding experience together in working through the Unschooling Family Adventure Challenge was discovering the world of unschooling which I had been so curious about but never explored before, and also opening the door to bonding together as a family through learning and exploring.

This challenge has taught me to let go, go with the flow, and not try to control the learning. Learning will happen, it may not be exactly what I planned, but it's still learning, and we are all growing from it. We all have something to learn. I think that this experience has made us grow closer together, and what we will take away from it, is an increased respect for what each one of us has to bring to the table. None of the "we are the parents so we teach and you learn. " Everyone is equal. Everyone is a leader. Everyone takes part in shaping the adventure."

Pascale Chazan

"I'm so glad we ended up in this group and decided to be a part of this challenge! It has stretched me and forced me to be more intentional about getting out and LIVING with my three youngsters. It's so easy sometimes to just "get through the day" (ok, sometimes that's not even easy with three under three) but being a part of this challenge has shown me the value in just getting out the door. Even if it's just to the trail down the road, you might find a hidden creek you didn't know about!

Through it I have learned more about my kids. My 3yo seems to learn through discussion and observation. My 15 month old son seems to just absorb everything, constantly experimenting and examining, so serious. My 15 month old daughter just jumps in, splashing in the mud, squishing it in her fingers, chasing the seagulls. All in all it was GREAT fun and I'm so glad we did it!!"

Julie Anne Wilson

"So much fun! Through the Unschooling Family Adventure Challenge, I have been reintroduced to the world through my child's eyes. I have learned that Unschooling is really about LIVING, not just breathing and going through the motions, rather; recognizing that the world IS at our fingertips and using it as our playground (or school), being IN the moment, and valuing the learning experiences and bonding opportunities it provides… LIVE and the learning just happens.

Once I let go of the image in my head of what I thought homeschooling should look like, it was so easy and FUN to take on the Unschooling Challenges head on. And, I am so glad I did, because my child learned, I learned from my child, we learned together, had fun, and made memories. Thank you Rachel and Leah for such beautiful, lifelong memories."

Angela Zagame Talbert

"We are so grateful to have been involved with the Unschooling Family Adventure Challenge! It really was a perfect fit for us in many ways and we learned so much from the program and the adventures! The most rewarding part of this adventure was being able to experience all of this as an ENTIRE family, and ALL work together to fulfill a goal. We already spent a lot of time outdoors, but having a goal made our time together more meaningful. I think from that aspect, I will take away a greater understanding of goal setting and its benefits. Thanks again for this awesome experience!! We had a blast and will never forget those memories!"

Andrea Ford

Rewild Your Family Journal

We have created the Rewild Your Family Journal as a space for you to continue on your journey towards connecting with your children, holding space for your priorities, and creating a life full of adventure and joyful learning! 

We have designed this journal for you to begin each day for a month with simple, yet profoundly thought-provoking words to keep you in the mindset of connection, meaningful living, and intentional experiences. The daily prompts are meant to be quick and easy to read and reflect on, yet will remain with you as you go about your day, keeping you in a constant state of reflection all day.

Each day, as you sip your morning coffee, and before the day gets into motion, take a few moments to read the daily prompts and write out your thoughts.

Why Write? The act of writing something down by hand holds a truly emotional and psychological connection. We commit things to memory better when we write them by hand. We heal our wounds and set our intentions. It is a process and a practice that we all should honor. 


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Meet Your Guides

Rachel Rainbolt

Rachel Rainbolt, M.A.

PNW Adventure Mama and Sage Parenting Coach, guiding exasperated yet rad mamas down the natural parenting path from my laptop while living wild and free in connection with my 3 wildlings and the papa bear. I bring a unique alchemy of insight (M.A. Family Therapy, CEIM, and published writer of 4 books, numerous curricula, and countless articles)experience (2 decades working with young children and parents)passion (media advocate on television, podcasts, and vlogs), and heart (unschooling and attachment parenting mother of 3) to sage parenting coaching, classes, and books.

Leah McDermott, M.Ed.

Leah McDermott is an unschooling mama of 2 adventurous and thrill-seeking boys, enjoying an urban wild life in the Pacific Northwest. She has two Master’s of Education, has coached and worked with hundreds of families and schools around the world to bring children to nature as the basis for all knowledge and learning, and has spent nearly 15 years working in the field. She is a published author, speaker, and natural learning advocate on many platforms including The Huffington Post, Natural Preschool Conference, and her own company Your Natural Learner.

Leah McDermott