Vitamix Fast Food Smoothies

Vitamix Smoothie 3

I originally took this photo as a selfie with me kissing my Vitamix 5300. But my husband said it was creepy (whatever Joshua).

I had a ninja food processor for many years that I used as our smoothie blender but we reached a point where it just didn’t have the power and ability to smoothly blend a smoothie for 4 or 5 people.

Enter the Vitamix. Oh how I love it. It powers through everything in seconds and leaves us with perfect smoothies.

Vitamix Smoothie 3

All of the organic frozen fruit and veg for our smoothies comes from Costco, so it comes in bulk and for a low price.

We start with one of their portioned veg mix packs. They have 2 flavors: this fresh start blend and then a berry blend. We like both and enjoy the variety.

Vitamix Smoothie 3

Then we layer in more. I let the kids experiment, create, and choose a variety of flavors. We can also add things like spirulina, protein, seeds, etc. Go on and get your hippy health nut on.

Vitamix Smoothie 5

Next we add the liquid. This juice coconut pineapple juice is my favorite and we use a variety of others too along with some crushed ice. For a sweet treat we can also add vanilla frozen yogurt.

Vitamix Smoothie 2

Last, the best part: turn your smoothie into fast food by topping a mason jar with a square of press n’ seal wrap, poking a small hole in the center with a sharp knife, and popping in a straw. Then hop in the car and go with your meal or snack in hand! We often do this for breakfast in the car with no spills or crumbs.

Vitamix Smoothie 1

Now go get your drink on!

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