Why Unschooling?

Why Unschooling?


Why Unschooling?

Because . . .


Childhood is not a penalty box or practice test for adulthood but a precious season of life, not to be shamed or rushed.


Happiness is not a weekend, vacation from real life, or reward to be earned daily but a state of choice all have a birthright to access.


Freedom is not a momentary repreive from oppressive captivity but a clear horizon for your life in which you have a voice and the time and space to be freely yourself.


Health is not a gummy vitamin and a lap around the track but a wholeness that comes from having the freedom, connection, and resources to follow your body, brain, and heart’s lead and meet your needs – to grow wild.


Occupational preparation is not obedience training and a parroting of someone else’s unfulfilled dreams but a love of learning, a knowing of your passions, and the innovative drive to evolve with the world’s needs.


Preparing for the future is not imposing suffering now in practice for a miserable adulthood but fostering the independence and contentment of a heart full world within each of us.


Respect is not a unidirectional power based leveraging of obsequioussness but a contagious and humble reverence for the nature, autonomy, and feelings of another.


Connection is not endless transition enforcement, a love note in a lunch box, and a cashing in of social capital but a life of honest time in acceptance of each other.


Socialization is not forced proximity in an artificial and segregated ecosystem but real life relationships where natural forces of authenticity, diversity, and freedom provide the feedback to foster empathy and leadership and create the foundation for meaningful bonds.


Learning is not a regurgitation of memorization but endless self-motivated inquiry, meaningful experiences, and constant accommodation (an open, thirsty, and driven mind and the resources to satiate the endless thirst).


Agency is not an inconsequential binary choice granted to suggest the appearance of power over oneself but the freedom and self-determination to truly lead your own journey.

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