Simple Family Holiday

10 Steps to a Simple, Wonderful Family Holiday

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Does how you spend your time and money reflect your values? This is an important question year-round but especially around the holidays when there’s such a slippery slope into the mainstream culture of “more.” We may not have been raised in a way that we have inherited seasonal traditions that align with our values but we get to write our own story as a family, weaving the fabric of our unique family culture. I can help you with that process, shifting your holidays with these 10 steps. 1 Experience Experiences enrich your life in ways that things never could. Point […]

Is Santa Real?

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Holidays are probably the topic about which I get asked most when people realize that we raise our children secularly. “But Christmas! How do you celebrate Christmas if you don’t believe in CHRIST?!” How do you celebrate Christ on the Pagan holiday of Winter Solstice? Historical fact, it’s what’s for dinner. Most holidays are celebrated culturally, not religiously. We put up an evergreen tree, decorate our house like a magical winter wonderland, and celebrate the spirit of giving, which the religious don’t own (just ask a conservative republican about welfare). Our Easter tradition is to spend the day at the […]

Living Simply: Gratitude Over Greed

Living Simply: Gratitude over Greed

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  I am always slightly disheartened by the intensity of the fever pitch for acquisition. If you ask my children what the holidays are about, they will tell you something to the effect of “togetherness, giving, light.” While many are capable of reciting that dignified line, not many actually live that pledge. Millions of advertising dollars are spent convincing you and your children that “togetherness, giving, and light” come at a price and look quite different than the true heart of that sentiment. It is a powerful engine that drives the point and picks us all up along the way. I […]