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SFP 8: Reading with Leah McDermott

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Leah McDermott talking about Reading on the natural learning path. Leah is a former Master Educator and now unschooling mama of two who has made it her mission to help bring more natural elements to children’s everyday learning experiences through her business Your Natural Learner. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week I had my first solo adventure when I drove down to Portland for a homeschool conference and stayed 1 night in a hotel all by myself. You guys, I peed, and […]

Wild and Free

Book Review: Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free

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contains affiliate links Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free offers a natural learning path, for gentle parents who dream of living fully in joy and connection with their children while giving them all they need to be successful, with eight secrets to living a fulfilling unschooling life. In this inspirational and secular guide, you will learn how to: deschool, shaking off all the educational programming that weighs you down maintain your relationship focus on connection beyond the early years trust in your children and their natural learning journey embrace the freedom that fosters meaningful productivity and independence utilize collaboration in respectful […]

Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free

FREE CHAPTER: Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free

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The new book Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free is launching and I’m giving you a peek at a FREE CHAPTER! If you enjoy the read, be sure to buy the book and share it with your friends! Let’s share the wisdom of this natural learning lifestyle where connection and freedom abound.  Chapter 3: Trust Remember when your child was a baby and you trusted in the validity of their needs and developmental timetable, focused on building trust in your relationship, and understood that trust is the bedrock on which independence blossoms? Great news: nothing has changed. Trusting each other Forging […]

State Capitol

6 Reasons Not to Unschool

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1. Connection If connection with your children and the world sounds awful to you and you prefer disconnection from your loved ones, communities, and nature, then you do not want to unschool. The unschooling lifestyle is all about carrying that connection piece throughout life with time and focus directed to the bonds you share with each other as a family and your place in the world at large. If you look at your child and think, “Ew, no thank you,” then run far and fast from unschooling. 2. Trust If trusting your children and their natural learning journey is not […]

A School Solution

A School Solution

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  Another 5-year-old was put on drugs today after being suspended from school for trying to escape. Our prisoners enjoy more personal freedoms and outside time than our children. What are we doing? Why are we doing this? How did we get here? School began in Europe by the church with the purpose of indoctrinating religion and breaking the child’s sinful will (with a focus on memorization and obedience). Schools were then taken over by the government and modeled after the assembly line for the sake of controlling the masses, “… if the state controlled the schools, and if children were […]


Finding the Quality YES

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  The power of YES in opening up your life to a whole new world of joy, experiences, and collaboration cannot be understated. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been profoundly moved by a detour from my agenda. I suppose that is the point after all. That “my” agenda is only 1 piece to our family’s map. In keeping myself open in the “yes” position, our whole life feels unlocked. We are free. We feel honored. We have room for happiness and adventure and natural life learning. One symptom of top-down power and control is the default “no” position. […]

Natural Parenting

I’m Taking Back “Natural Parenting”

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  What do you picture when you hear “Natural Parenting”? When I hear the term “Natural Parenting,” I think of a parent invited over to share a meal saying, “Oh, we don’t eat any of those processed chemicals. Do you know know if this veg is a Monsanto crop? We’ll just eat our sea weed and GMO free almond butter.” Now, I’m actually all for natural fuel for our bodies (I can make fun of myself too), but Natural Parenting is a whole different thing for me. pieces Attitude I’m just going to start at the outer most level because […]