13 Values

SFP 13: Values with Becca Shern

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 13 and today I’m here with my friend Becca Shern talking about values. Bex is a mom, partner, Registered Dietitian, and creator of Minimal Wellness. Through minimalist principles she helps her family and clients find, navigate, and enjoy the simple path to optimal health. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week I share the breathtakingly beautiful lake we jumped into when we veered off course and embraced nature’s playground and history. Highlights Inherited Values: We talk about the work of unpacking the values you unconsciously inherited values from […]


SFP 11: Nature with Nicolette Sowder

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Nicolette Sowder talking about nature. Nicolette is a nature-connected educator and founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling. Her passion is to serve as companion and guide for those families, educators and care givers interested in nurturing and growing their relationship with nature. She is also the creator of The Kids Moon Club, a year-long lunar journey designed to guide and encourage families to sync up with moon time. Most days you can find her being led through her farm and forest by her two wildlings. Support the show on […]

9 Transkid

SFP 9: Transkid with Rachel Gonzales

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Rachel Gonzales talking about raising a transgender child. Equality Texas Education and Resource Coordinator Rachel Gonzales has testified several times at the Texas Capitol, spoken at rallies and protests, and has maintained a local to national media presence in the fight for equality for transgender Texans. As the mother of a transgender child, equality for LGBTQ youth is her passion. She is delighted to be able to combine her passion with her background in cultural applied anthropology to advocate for the equal treatment of LGBTQ youth, providing […]

State Capitol

6 Reasons Not to Unschool

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1. Connection If connection with your children and the world sounds awful to you and you prefer disconnection from your loved ones, communities, and nature, then you do not want to unschool. The unschooling lifestyle is all about carrying that connection piece throughout life with time and focus directed to the bonds you share with each other as a family and your place in the world at large. If you look at your child and think, “Ew, no thank you,” then run far and fast from unschooling. 2. Trust If trusting your children and their natural learning journey is not […]


Finding the Quality YES

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  The power of YES in opening up your life to a whole new world of joy, experiences, and collaboration cannot be understated. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have been profoundly moved by a detour from my agenda. I suppose that is the point after all. That “my” agenda is only 1 piece to our family’s map. In keeping myself open in the “yes” position, our whole life feels unlocked. We are free. We feel honored. We have room for happiness and adventure and natural life learning. One symptom of top-down power and control is the default “no” position. […]

Natural Parenting

I’m Taking Back “Natural Parenting”

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  What do you picture when you hear “Natural Parenting”? When I hear the term “Natural Parenting,” I think of a parent invited over to share a meal saying, “Oh, we don’t eat any of those processed chemicals. Do you know know if this veg is a Monsanto crop? We’ll just eat our sea weed and GMO free almond butter.” Now, I’m actually all for natural fuel for our bodies (I can make fun of myself too), but Natural Parenting is a whole different thing for me. pieces Attitude I’m just going to start at the outer most level because […]