SFP 18: Judgment with Tracy Gillett


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This is episode 18 and today I’m here with my friend Tracy Gillett talking about judgment.

Tracy Gillett is a nature-obsessed, adventure-loving mama of one living in Vancouver, BC. She is the founder of Raised Good, a blog and community that strives to support and empower parents to trust and follow their instincts on a natural parenting path. She is the author of The Lost Art of Natural Parenting.

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Adventure of the Week

I share our road trip that culminated in horseback riding through the woods for Sky’s birthday.

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Purpose: We go over how judgment actually serves an important purpose.

Problem: We talk about when and how judgment can be a problem.

Authenticity: We cover the importance of living with authenticity.

Response: We tackle how to respond to judgment from others.

Resilience: We share how we increase our resiliency living in a society in which we are so often running counter to the established values.


We tackle this question from Noelle: “How do we raise children who judge less and stand proudly in the face judgment?!”

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