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This is episode 23 and today I’m here with Zoë Kim talking about wardrobes.

Zoë is the author of Minimalism for Families and a simplicity coach at Raising Simple where she partners with women to tackle the challenges of a cluttered home and life. She loves to try new food, travel, and talk psychology. With her pragmatic and thoughtful approach, Zoë helps mothers find the best solutions to simplify their homes and lives. She lives outside of Atlanta with her 4 children.

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Why: We go over how a minimalist wardrobe benefits us and our children.

Clothing: We share how we have curated our minimalist wardrobes.

Shopping: We talk about how often we find we need to refresh something in our wardrobe.

Closets: We give our best closet organization tips.

Storage: We explain how we handle hand-me-downs and out-of-season clothes.

Travel: We discuss our systems for packing for family travel.


We tackle this question from Kara: “Economical vs environmental clothing purchases – which make more sense? Spending a lot of money on a couple of well-made eco/locally made pieces or spending less money on fast fashion? I suppose this is a personal question but one I’ve struggled with deciding. I think it’s a mindset issue around the purchase price point of environmentally friendly/small business purchases.”

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4 thoughts on “SFP 23: Wardrobe with Zoë Kim

  1. I just finished listening to this podcast and I thought you ladies did a great job with the discussion mainly around shopping. I recently started looking in to minimalism and making some changes around my home but mainly with my shopping. Thank you for all of the recommendations. I look forward to hearing more of your material in 2019!

  2. This podcast was amazing. I loved so much of this topic. You touched on so many points but the one that really resonated with me was seeing “shopping” as a sport is not good for ourselves. I loved your discussion on quality and eco friendly vs cheap fast fashion and I love your 80/20 rule! Thank you for this podcast!!

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