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This is episode 41 and today I’m here with Deena Barselah talking about food.

Deena is a Holistic and Integrative Health Coach, a wife, and a mom to 4-year-old Zeke.  Deena’s mission is to support mothers to thrive by leaning on simple, natural, and time-tested approaches to health and wellness.  Her journey into holistic health began in her late 20s when she took a closer look at her several chronic health issues and found that a whole-body approach supported her healing process in a way conventional medicine never could.  She questions the mainstream in many areas and gets real on topics such as chronic illness, marriage, mental health, miscarriage, and grief.  Connect with Deena on Instagram and Facebook to feel your best and take the overwhelm out of wellness for your family.

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Adventure of the Week

This week I share our adventure with ice bumper cars at a skate rink for West’s birthday and a celebration walking the winter spiral at a friends Winter Solstice party.

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Baggage: We discuss some common food issues that we’ve witnessed women carrying from the past into the present.

Mainstream: We go over the mainstream approach with food for families and why it’s a problem.

Environment: We talk about how we can utilize the home environment to set our families up for success.

Experience: We explain why allowing our children to experience a variety of foods and eating choices is important.

Mealtimes: We offer advice for helping to make mealtimes around the table a more positive experience.

Parenting: We share what mistakes we’ve seen parents making and how we can avoid them.

Nutrition: We cover some nutritional wisdom.

Q & A

We answer Mandy’s question, “How can we help our supertasters eat more foods?”

Dive Deeper

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