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Today I’m here with my friend Robyn Robertson talking about adventure.

“I call myself an unschooling mom, but I’m really a curious student of life. I’ve learned so much about myself and the world through my travels that I wanted to share that with my kids. 5 ½ years ago we decided to make a change and follow our dream of travelling with our kids (or at least try). It was the experiences of life and travel that changed our idea of learning. I started to let go and allowed their natural curiosity to shine. That was the beginning of our family journey into connection and unschooling.

Through our travels one thing became clear — our need for community. The need to exchange information and ideas, the need to learn from others, to be inspired, to connect. This was the start of my podcast Honey! I’m Homeschooling The Kids. It has become a place to hear and learn from others on similar journeys of following their passions, and a platform to connect community.”

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Adventure of the Week

This week I talk about our adventure at KEXP radio station and the rambunctious fun that was had by all.


Deschooling: Robyn and I talk about how living a life in which we embrace adventure was a key step in our journey of deschooling. These experiences really opened our eyes to what natural learning really looks like.

Define: We cover what adventure means for each of us and what it looks like for our families.

Success: We deconstruct what makes for a successful family adventure, specifically what intentions we enter with.

Collaboration: We describe the seasonal collaboration session we each have that we use to plan all our adventures.

Parent Growth: Self-care, questioning everything, following our passions – we discuss it all.

Values: Simple living was really the direction in which we both shifted our values when wading into family adventure. Connection, time, and experiences over things, busyness, and expectations.

Privilege: We break down the misconception that you have to be rich to choose a lifestyle of intention and adventure and give a lot of tips for getting into adventure on a low budget.


I posted in my Sage Parenting Tribe on Facebook that we were going to chat about adventure and asked if they had any questions about it. We answer Kimberly’s question of how to encourage children with a homebody nature to get out into the world while honoring their natural nesting tendencies.

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